9. Sınıf İngilizce Proje Ödevi Konuları

1- Museums (as an album) a-clothes b-money c-ancient works

2-Describe all kinds of climates in Turkey

3-Advertisements (as an album)

4-Turkish kitchen (as an album)

5-Tourism in Turkey (as an album)

6-Write a detailed article about a person
(abilities, likes, dislikes, favorite subjects, job, school life, family life, physical appearance…etc)

7-Interview someone who is living in a foreign country and record a video.

8-Ataturk’s family, educational and military life.

9-Sports (as an album)

10- Prepare a fashion magazine

11- Prepare a nature magazine

12- Prepare a radio programme that will take two hours. Choose a topic an d plan the programme. Record the programme on a cassette or CD

13- Prepare a questionnaire about school life and interview at least twenty people from school and write a detailed report about it.


15-Children games in Turkey

16-Demonstration ( They will create, act out and record a video)

17- Draw the traffic signs and write the rules say

18-Prepare a radio programme that will take two hours. Choose a topic and plan the programme. Record programme on a cassette or CD.

19-Write a description of an animal you’re interestedin. Include a physical description and any unusual facts.

20- Imagine that you are a teenager, a businessman/woman, a famous artist, scientist or astronaut who has been kidnapped.
a)You are taken to a number of places. Keep a diary of the incidents that occured. Choose the cities and countries you are taken to. Compile some information about the places and events and integrate this in your diary entry for each country. Describe them in detail.
b) Describe an account for your feelings and reactions when you encounter strange and unexpected things.
c)Include some details about how you were transported from one place to another.

21-Describe a typical week in the life either someone you know or a famous person.

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12. Sınıf İngilizce Proje Ödevi Konuları

2019-2020 9. Sınıf İngilizce Proje Ödevi Konuları

1.Creating a poster about your family tree and describe your family members.

2.Creating adictionary by using pictures.( choose 5words for each letters)

3.Creating a booklet about The Simple Present Tense.

4.Creating a booklet about The Present Continuous Tense.

5.Creating a booklet about Countable and Uncountable Nouns.

6.Creating a booklet about Prepositions about Place and giving directions about 10 places.

7. Creating a booklet about Likes and Dislikes and giving some examples about his /her hobbies.

8.Creating a calender by using ordinal numbers and showing seasons , days of the week.

9.Preparing a magazine about famous people by using photos and pictures.

10.Creating a booklet about Comparative forms of Adjectives.

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