Lise 1 İngilizce 2. Dönem 2. Yazılı 2013-2014

PART 1: Read the passage and answer the questions (20 pts)


Today is Saturday and Sarah is having a party. It’s sunny and hot. All of her friends are invited. Sarah is wearing a new green skirt. Her friends are all good. They are listening to pop music. Nicky and Jenny are sitting on a sofa and watching TV. It’s a fun party. Rachel is dancing with Peter. Daniel is sitting near the swimming pool in the garden. Sarah’s dogs, Junky and Funky, are running in the garden. Mike is drinking lemonade. They are all having fun.


1. Is it hot today?

2. What are Jenny and Nicky doing?

3. Who is having a party?

4. What is Mike doing?

5. Are they having fun?


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