İngilizce 11. Sınıf 2. Dönem 1. Yazılı 2015-2016

GRAMMAR  (25×2=50 p)

Write sentences in “present perfect simple”

  1. they / not / discover / the treasure – ______________________________________
  2. Ron / not / talk / about the problem – ______________________________________
  3. the teacher / mark / the tests / ? – ______________________________________
  4. she / buy / a new computer / ? – ______________________________________

Fill in the blanks using “ever, never, just, already and yet.”

  1. Have you ____________ been in America?
  2. Do you hear the noise? The train has____________ arrived.

Complete the sentences with the correct “question tags”.

  1. Mr McGuinness is from Ireland, ____________?
  2. She went to the library yesterday, ____________?
  3. Cars pollute the environment, ____________?


Complete the sentences with “can / could / can’t / couldn’t” 

  1. In my country you ____________ get married when you’re sixteen.
  2. I ____________ get into my house last night because I’d lost my key

Complete the sentences with “has to / have to / had to” and fill in the correct verb.

    visit         practise        do        walk              wait                help                go

  1. We _________________________ for the bus yesterday evening.
  2. Tom ________________________ to the dentist. He has a toothache.
  3. Morty _______________________ swordplay. Mr. Gilderoy was his trainer

Choose the correct “Indefınıte Pronouns”


  1. Don’t blame yourself for the mistake_____________is perfect.
  2. There is _____________ in your hair.I think it is a bug.
  3. I would like to have _____________to drink please.
  4. The police found the murder weapon _____________near the hut.In the woods

Complete the sentences with “so / because”

  1. We went to a restaurant  _____________  we were hungry
  2. We were hungry _____________ we went to a restaurant

Match “a” and “b” columns


  1. I will visit Italy next year. ( )
  2. I am very ill. ( )
  3. The weather is fine today. ( )
  4. I am very tried. ( )
  5. She can’t carry bag. (   )
  6. Why don’t you take some medicine?
  7. Shall we go for a picnic?
  8. Why don’t you sleep?
  9. Why don’t you learn Italian?
  10. Why don’t you help her?

READING (5×4=20 p)

Read the text and answer the questions


The Sun is at the center of the planets. Close to it are the inner planets – Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. Mercury the planet closest to the Sun, is a cratered rock not much bigger than our Moon.  It is incredibly hot and unable to support any kind of life.  The atmosphere contains sodium and potassium. Venus is the next planet from the Sun and is about the same size as the Earth.  The atmosphere is made up of mainly carbon dioxide.  The surface temperature can be as high as 480 degrees Celsius.  There is no life of any kind on the planet Venus. Earth is the only planet that has the conditions to support life.  The surface is neither very cold nor very hot.  Water can exist in all its three forms – as gas, liquid, and solid.  These conditions allow plants and animals to live and reproduce. Mars, the first planet beyond Earth is smaller than the Earth.  The atmosphere is made up mostly of carbon dioxide.  Water exists on this planet, but only in the form of ice.  The whole planet is a red, lifeless desert. The outer planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are called the gas giants.  They are much larger than the Earth. The outermost planet, Pluto, is no longer classified as a planet.  It is now called a dwarf Planet.  It is so far away, it is a mystery.


  1. The planet ___________ is about the same size as the Earth
  2. Which planets are called the gas giants?
  3. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Earth Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus
  4. How many planets are there?
  5. Six Seven                      c. Eight
  6. Water exists on the planet Mars in the form of____________
  7. Which planet is a red, lifeless desert?
  8. Mars Mercury                  c. Venus

VOCABULARY ( 5×3=15 p )

Complete the text with the words given

       dries                              choose                                invent                                  safer                                     hand

Eduardo Segura and Andrez Diaz decided to ________ a washing machine for their dogs. Because they thought their dog deserved best treatment. The automatic pet washing machine is _______ and less stressful fort he animals than washing them by ________. It soaps, rinses and _______ dogs and cats in less than half an hour. People can use the touch panel to __________ the best wash cycle fort he animal’s size and dermatological needs.

WRITING ( 5×3=15 p )

Choose one topic and write at least 5 sentences about it.

  • The advantages and disadvantages of social media sites

such as Facebook and Twitter?

  • Describe your first day at this school

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