İngilizce Öğretmeni Maaşı

Kadrolu ve sözleşmeli ingilizce öğretmeni maaşı farklıdır. Ek ders saat ücretleri de farklıdır. Aşağıdaki rakamlar ek ders hariç ortalama rakamlardır.

Öğretmen maaşları ülke gündemini oldukça meşgul eden ve gelecek planlaması yapan gençlerin çokça üzerinde durduğu konulardan bir tanesidir. İngilizce Öğretmenliği de gün geçtikçe önem kazanan bir branş olarak önümüze çıkmaktadır.

İngilizce Öğretmenlerinin bu yıl alacakları maaşlar kademe ve derecelerine göre yani meslekteki çalışma süresine göre farklılık göstermektedir. Aşağıda bir İngilizce Öğretmeninin hizmet yılına göre alacağı maaşlar verilmiştir.

İngilizce öğretmenleri ayrıca yukarıda verilen maaşlara ek olarak haftalık 15 saat üzeri girdikleri her ders saati için ek ders ücreti alırlar. Bu ek ders ücreti ise ders başına yaklaşık 18 tl civarı olarak hesaplanmaktadır. Bir İngilizce Öğretmeni haftalık 30 saate kadar derse girebilmektedir.

Not: Tabloda verilen rakamlar enflasyon farkı, aile yardımı, BES, sendika, ilksan vb kesintiler/ödemeler dikkate alınmadan hesaplanmıştır.

2018-2019 12. Sınıf İngilizce 2. Dönem 2. Yazılı

C) Complete the sentences using ‘ WHEN’ or ’ WHILE’. (5 x 4 = 20 pts)

1) …………………..……I opened the door, a friend was sitting there.
2) …………………………… they were going shopping, they had an accident.
3) We found a website about cartoons …………………….. we were surfing the Net.
4) ………………………Paul and Andy heard a sound, they were watching a horror film.
5) Tom was looking out of the window …………………..…. the accident happened.

2018-2019 11. Sınıf İngilizce 2. Dönem 2. Yazılı

E) Circle the correct one (2x 8:16)

1. I couldn’t attend the meeting this morning because I have to / had to take my car to the mechanic.
2. You have to / don’t have to tell me your number if you don’t want to.
3. I am an excellent player. I can / can’t beat you.
4. He was phoning all the way from Madrid, but I could / couldn’t hear him very clearly.
5. I didn’t have to / had to get up early yesterday morning because the company was on strike.
6. .I got there in good time, so I could / couldn’t help Mary get everything ready.
7. If you want to be a vet, you don’t have to / have to learn about animals.
8. You could / can see the sky from your bedroom window

2018-2019 10. Sınıf İngilizce 2. Dönem 2. Yazılı

A.Read the text

Adele is one of the most famous singers in the world. She is from UK and she was born in 1988. Her songs, ‘Rolling in the deep, Skyfall and Hello’ are popular in many countries.
Adele is a very beautiful woman. She has got a pretty face, with green eyes and long blonde hair. Adele’s body isn’t like most singers’ bodies. She isn’t thin and she hasn’t got a model’s legs. But this isn’t a problem for Adele. She likes her body, she doesn’t feel bad about what people sometimes say and write about her appearance. ‘’I don’t make music for eyes, I make music for ears’’ she says.

Answer the questions. (10P)

2018-2019 9. Sınıf İngilizce 2. Dönem 2. Yazılı

Read the paragraph and do the test(Soruları paragrafa gore cevaplayınız.) (4×5=20Points)

Hi, my name is Bear Grylls. My job is documentary film-making. I travel all over the world especially jungles, forests and try to survive there. Then, I live there shortly and make documentary films and show them to people, my fans. You know my youtube channel, too. Let me talk about my last summer. It was fantastic but I promise I didn’t eat any insects
Last summer, I went to Peru to see Machu Pichu.It was my childhood dream and I always wanted to go there. It was a wonderful trip because I planned everything carefully before I started my journey. First of all, I bought my green backpack, plane tickets for my workers and good mobile phone( smart one) to share my travel photos and stories for my fans. I didn’t book a tour because I learned a lot of things from different blogs. After I arrived in peru, I felt so excited and happy. The tribal people were warm and friendly and helped me a lot during my trip. After I stayed there 3 months, I came to the USA, my homeland. I advise you guys that do not do what I do. I am a professional and I know what to do in some dangerous times. You just watch me a lot and enjoy it.

2018-2019 8. Sınıf İngilizce 2. Dönem 2. Yazılı

A) Fill in theblankswiththewordsbelow. 10 points

Research – invent – discover – test – design

1- TheChinese_________________ thefirsttoothbrushin 1498.
2- A company in the USA _______________ how fastketchupcomesout of abottle.
3- An American ____________________ the planet Pluto in 1930.
4- A manfromNorway __________________ a specialtooltoslicecheese.
5- TheRussians ____________________ thefirstsatellite in 1957.