2019-2020 10. Sınıf İngilizce Proje Ödevi Konuları

1- Prepare puzzles

2- Prepare a teenage magazine

Devam Ediyor... Aşağı Kaydırın

3-Dream an adventurous holiday

4-Write a diary for three weeks

5-Write an article expressing your opinion about changes in the future

6-Plants (Trees-Flowers)

7-Prepare a questionnaire about social life in city and interview at least twenty people and write a detailed report.

8-Demonstration ( They will create, act out and record a video)

9-Film Project: Your favorite films, actors and actresses. What do you know about them? Tell the stories of your favorite films.

10-Planning a tourist guide of your city and region

11-Book review. (stage 2)

12-Prepare an album (sports,sightseeing places, how things work,stars,films,fashion,hobbies etc.)

13- Describe what you think will happen in the world of science, medicine and technology over the next 50 years

14-Prepare a radio programme that will take two hours. Choose a topic and plan the programme.

Record programme on a cassette or CD.

15- Imagine that you are a teenager, a businessman/woman, a famous artist, scientist or astronaut who has been kidnapped.

a)You are taken to a number of places. Keep a diary of the incidents that occured. Choose the

cities and countries you are taken to. Compile some information about the places and events and

integrate this in your diary entry for each country. Describe them in detail.

b) Describe an account for your feelings and reactions when you encounter strange and unexpected things.

c)Include some details about how you were transported from one place to another.

16-Write an article imagining the advantages and disadvantages of being famous

17-Describe an important festival in your country.

18-Create and write a short story of your own.

19-Write a report about a town you think would be interesting to visit for a visit.

20-Write a letter to your friend in another country.Your friend is going to visit your country so give

her/him advice; when to come, where to go, where to stay, what to wear etc..

21-Write an article about one of the wonders of world.

22-Make an interview with a teacher or a famous people, record it.

23-Describe and record your house and region you live in.

24- Book review(stage 3- 4)

25-Write an article about superstitions.

26-Prepare an album about famous places in the world.

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