11. Sınıf İngilizce Proje Ödevi Konuları 2017-2018

1-Find a poem, a short story and a song that all have the same theme. Discuss how the theme is dealt with, expresse and viewed in the poem, song or story. Explain each text with your own views, comments and criticism.

2-Atatürk and youth

Devam Ediyor... Aşağı Kaydırın

3-You are alone on an island. Write a diary for a week. Describe what happened and how you felt.

4-Prepare a school magazine

5- Prepare a magazine about harmful addictions.

6-Book review. (stage 3-4)

7- Create a short story and write

8-Prepare a questionnaire about superstitions in Turkey, find out which people have superstitions about, origins of them and effects on people.

9-Plans for the future in all situations.

10- Situational dialogues

11– Prepare a radio programme that will take two hours. Choose a topic and plan the programme. Record programme on a cassette or CD.

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Lise 4 İngilizce Proje Ödevi Konuları 2017-2018

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