2018-2019 10. Sınıf İngilizce Performans Ödevi Konuları

Sponsorlu Bağlantılar

-Making a list of the qualities of their ideal friend.

-Identfying and describing personal qualities of the left and right brained people

-Researching and giving information about somebody’s look

-Talking about past events with “when” and “while”

-İmagining that one of the characters from the Independence War has come to the present. introducing him.

-Reading the given a detective story and trying to solve the case.

-Preparing a questionnare about personal experiences.

-Comparing the two pictures given and finding the differences by saying what the person has or hasn’t done.

-Preparing flash cards

-Interviewing with one of English teachers and recording it.

-Atatürk’s life and his deeds.

-Making a family album.

-Writing a descriptive passage about a famous person with pictures.(It may be a poster)

-Making a power point presentation about any tense.

-Description of the room of your dreams(make a model room and objects in it.

-Describe yourself with pictures.

-Describe your village or city with pictures.

-Prepare an English magazine or newspaper(groupwork)

-Prepare a dialog with caricatures.

– Making power point presentation of the language activities in their coursebook that they like most.

-Compose a song and record it.

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