2017-2018 12. Sınıf İngilizce 2. Dönem 2. Yazılı

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C. Read the travelling issues below and match them to their solutions. (5×2=10)

1. Guest: When I first arrived, you told me that cold drinks would always be in the mini-bar. Well I’m here now and the drinks aren’t. What kind of hotel are you running here anyway! ( )

2. Guest: This tea is sweetened, and I specifically wanted unsweetened tea. ( )

3. Guest: I requested the eggs over hard but these are over easy. ( )

4. Guest: We ran out of toilet paper. Is it possible to get more? ( )

5. Guest: The air conditioner isn’t working properly and it is too hot inside. ( )
a. Staff: Sorry about that sir, let me make you some more right away.

b. Staff: Of course, ma’am. I’ll send more up immediately. Is there anything else you require? Do you need any clean towels?

c. Staff: I’m sorry ma’am. I’ll bring a sugar free one immediately. Please excuse the mistake.

d. Staff: I sincerely apologize for the oversight sir. We are very busy today because of the convention. I’ll order the room service to deliver them immediately. Please accept them
with our compliments.
e. I do apologize Sir! I’ll contact the technical staff as soon as possible.


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